The Anger against DMK becomes the reason of moving towards BJP : PM Modi

PM Modi

PM Modi embarks an attack against Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and the Congress on their “Anti Sanatana Sentiments” and put a question on what was Congress’s necessity to align with DMK, which belched out abhorrence and venom against the Sanatana Dharma.

In an interview with ANI, PM Modi mentioned the vast anger against DMK and added that people are now turning towards BJP.

In addition to it, he said that the Five generations of Bharatiya Janata Party Is vividly working in the Southern part of India. He said that when the citizens were disheartened by Congress, they chose to move towards regional parties and now people are disappointed with them also.

During this phase of disappointment, people of Tamil Nadu saw the working of BJP in the state of Delhi. They saw different BJP models in different parts of India. 

Tamils who used to live in other states of the country told their neighbors that this is what is going on in the state we live in. Due to thus the people of Tamil naturally started to compare the parties among each other.

When the people of Tamil Nadu visited Kashi during Kashi Sangam, they noticed how much the area has been developed. They saw vast progress in the area. This made them angry towards the DMK party. This anger has now been a reason for people to move towards BJP, said PM Modi.