IPhone 16: Upcoming Apple Smartphones may now be available in variable colors

IPhone 16

Enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of Apple’s coming iPhone 16 series, which is scheduled for September 2024. However, several recent leaks suggest that new models may come with an array of colors. For example, leakers like Fixed Focus Digital on Weibo have hinted at two new color variations for iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus: white and purple in addition to the present black, blue, green, pink, yellow.

Though these specific shades could vary slightly from one model to another as they always do with every generation of iPhones from Apple. Moreover, it can be anticipated that unified color options will continue to unify across iPhone and iPhone Plus versions within the iPhone 16 series.

Leaks have also revealed some battery details about the iPhone 16 series. Indeed according to Weibo user Baby Baby Sauce the IPhone 16 will have a bigger battery at 3,561mAh as compared to its predecessor’s 3,349mAh. Similarly there is speculation that the IPhone 16 plus might reduce its battery size going by information leaked on Weibo by Baby Baby Sauce where he claims it would be smaller than last year’s model while rivaling other high-end android phone manufacturers in terms of capacity with maybe figures around 4,006 mAh instead of the previous one that was rated at somewhere near or above this number.

Moreover wider screens might be added on various iPhones including; possible enlargement in display sizes for iPhones such as iPhone Pro and Pro Max (source).