Idea regarding Developed India by 2047 was started two years back: PM on Modi Govt. 3.0

pm modi

In the lead of the Lok Sabha Elections of 2024, Modi gives an impression of being resistant, assured and resolute for the upcoming 25 years.

In an exclusive interview with ANI’s Smita Prakash, PM Modi spoke articulately on Modi Govt. 3.0 and remained confident and resistant on his sight of winning the Lok Sabha as well as on the next 25 years. 

He mentioned that he has planned for 25 years..until 2047.

His mission is to make the country developed until the completion of 100 years of the country’s independence.

The Mission Viksit Bharat

In the interview PM Modi said that the planning for a developed country has already been started since the last two years, as the mission “Viksit Bharat”.

Also he has talked to around 15 lakh citizens in the country and taken their ideas and vision regarding how they see India in the upcoming 25 years.

Moreover, the PM has created a devoted team by contacting different Universities and NGOs and officers who were determined to work in this mission.

In addition, PM Modi also said that all this can not happen in just five years, that is why this is just a trailer.