Fans respond to Chak De India speech of Sharukh Khan for KKR WINning Vs LSG 


Shah Rukh Khan’s address to his Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) team after their impressive victory over the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) on Sunday left fans astounded by the team’s performance. Comparisons were drawn to Shah Rukh’s role as “Coach Kabir Khan” in the movie “Chak De India.” His motivational speech, reminiscent of the iconic ‘Sattar minute’ scene from the movie The Motion Picture, left an enduring impression on enthusiasts globally.

In their inaugural encounter, KKR decisively outplayed LSG. Despite LSG’s seemingly insurmountable score of 161 runs, KKR remarkably achieved the target within 16 overs.

The significance of the speech led to comparisons with the Sattar Minute scene. Nostalgic moments were shared on Twitter after the official Kolkata Knight Riders social media handle posted the video.

In the match, KKR acquired a cogent win Over LSG, indicating their first conquest. In spite of a total of 165 runs of LGS’s hard fought,KKR followed the target smoothly within 16 overs.

Mr. Khan emphasized the importance of senior international players mentoring young talent. He also drew inspiration from his famous ‘Chak De India’ speech, this time focusing on the concept of heroism. This reference to the movie further resonated with the fan community.